Questions & Answers About Luxury Mobile Toilets

Typical questions and answers relating to Posh Potties mobile luxury toilet units.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a luxury toilet?
A. This all depends on how far you are from us and how many units you require. Please contact us for a highly competitive quotation.

Q. Do I need to provide a water supply?
A. No. Our luxury toilets we supply are self contained so therefore come with their own tank of fresh water

Q. Do I need to provide an electricity supply?
A. Yes, our luxury toilet units require a 13 amp supply, which means it needs access to a mains socket. If you do not have an electric supply handy, a suitable generator would need to be used; we can arrange this if required.

Q. Do I need to supply drainage facilities?
A. No. All our units are self-contained, so we do not need drainage facilities.

Q. Will the toilets smell?
A. No. All our luxury toilet units use a sweet-smelling chemical in the toilets and contain automatic air fresheners.

Q. What kind of site do you need?
A. The proposed position for our luxury toilet unit should be reasonably level and firm. This can be grass, gravel, concrete or tarmac.

Q. How much access to the site do you need?
A. The toilet units are quite manoeuvrable and our experienced drivers will always do their best to site the unit exactly where you want it, but we do need adequate access arrangements. Measurements for all our toilet units are included in the descriptions .Please be aware of overhanging branches and shrubs when planning access arrangements.

Q. Will the toilets need to be serviced during my event?
A. This won’t normally be necessary – all our luxury toilet units are supplied with sufficient soap, toilet paper, warm water for most types of event.
However, if your event takes place over several days or you are hosting a very large number of guests, servicing on site may indeed be required. We can arrange this, but it will be discussed at the time of enquiry.

Q. Can you provide an attendant service?
A. Yes, we can provide one or more attendants depending on the size of your event. Our attendants are uniformed and their role is to ensure that the unit is kept spotlessly clean and running smoothly with out any inconvenience to your guests.

Q. How are the luxury toilet units delivered to the site?
A. Our toilet trailer units are towed to your site by a 4×4 vehicle. Our drivers will be smartly dressed in our uniform.

Q. When will the toilets arrive? when will they be collected?
A. A delivery and collection schedule will be discussed with you at your booking. Usually the units are delivered one or two days before your event date and collected one day after your event .

Q. Can you provide disabled access?
A. Yes – please ask for details.

Q. When do you require payment?
A. We require a deposit of 25% to confirm your booking. The balance is required seven days before your event.